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Karate was developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom and was systematically taught in Japan after the Taisho era. It was brought to the Japanese mainland in the early 20th century during a time of cultural exchanges between the Japanese and the Ryukyuans. In 1922 the Japanese Ministry of Education invited Gichin Funakoshi to Tokyo to give a karate demonstration. In 1924 University established the first university karate club in Japan and by 1932; major Japanese universities had karate clubs. In this era of escalating Japanese militarism, the name was changed from 唐手 ("Chinese hand" or "Tang hand" verbatim, as the name of the Tang dynasty was a synonym to China in Okinawa) to 空手 ("empty hand") – both of which are pronounced karate – to indicate that the Japanese wished to develop the combat form in Japanese style. After the Second World War, Okinawa became an important United States military site and karate became popular among servicemen stationed there.


Affiliated to Karate Budokan International, Australia and UAE Taekwondo and Karate Federation.

Since 1992, Golden Fist International creates a new dimension in the fitness arena. We introduce a perfect blend modern and ancient rhythm in the science of physical workouts, which helps a person to keep flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, strength and mental well-being, and self confidence.

Our workouts based on a person to reach a better knowledge of themselves. It is a method designed to reveal the sources of creative inspiration hidden inside the human physic, and thus involves the manifold expression of our being. It lays the foundations for a higher level of self-development and a deeper self-awareness.

Above all, we focus on self-discipline, for very little can be achieved without it. Some times, however, discipline thus acquired can become extremely unbending and one-sided, leading to fanaticism and preventing future progress. Hence, the true way of obtaining the desired results lies in a self-discipline that is balanced.

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  1. Karate is not only dojo training.
  2. In Karate, never attack first.
  3. Don't forget that Karate begins with a bow and ends with a bow.
  4. One who practices Karate must follow the way of justice.
  5. First you must know yourself. Then you can know others.
  6. Spiritual development is paramount; technical skills are merely means to the end.
  7. You must release your mind.
  8. Misfortune comes out of laziness.
  9. Karate is a lifelong training.
  10. Put Karate into everything you do.
  11. Karate is like hot water. If you do not give heat constantly it will again become cold.
  12. Do not think you have to win. Think that you do not have to lose.
  13. Victory depends on your ability to tell vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.
  14. Move according to your opponent.
  15. Consider your opponent's hands and legs as you would sharp swords.
  16. When you leave home, think that millions of opponents are waiting for you.
  17. Ready position for beginners and natural position for advanced students.
  18. Kata is one thing. Engaging in a real fight is another.
  19. Do not forget (1) strength and weakness of power, (2) expansion and contraction of the body, (3) slowness and speed of techniques.
  20. Devise at all time.


For the time being Karate is the most popular martial art it’s all about discipline, training the mind and strengthening the body, improves the co-ordination. The regular karate practice transforms you as a completely different person with discipline, confidence, humbleness, patience, resiliency, and inner fortitude. Karate can help us psychologically to Mind set. It can help us to divert us from the stress and the other life problems. Karate will help us to cope up with the fears in a better way for both adults and children.